Yes, just bear in mind that because venison is low fat you may need to add liquid to ensure dishes stay juicy.

Because of how our deer are raised, and what they eat, farm-raised venison is much more tender and has a significantly milder flavor.

Yes. It’s a lean protein, low in saturated fat and calories, and high in iron, zinc, and B vitamins.

Our deer are raised on pristine pastures on wide open ranches. Grass-fed, all natural, free-range, no added steroids or hormones.

The flavor of farm-raised venison is mild and slightly sweet. It has a less fatty flavor than beef, with a hint of mushroom. It leaves a very clean taste in your mouth.

Fruits: quince, cherries, prunes, blackberries, apples.
Herbs: thyme, rosemary, bay, sage.
Spices: star anise, allspice, black pepper, chili, smokey garlic salt.

Fruity, sweet and spicy sauces are great complements to venison.

You really don’t want to cook venison past medium rare – because it’s so lean, venison cooked well-done becomes tough, dry and unappealing.

Don’t be afraid to get a nice sear on it, but both the flavor and texture will be best when you leave it rare to pink in the middle.

Because venison is so lean, coat it with a liberal amount of oil before it goes into a hot pan or onto a grill. BBQ/grill medium hot grill, turn only once. Don’t press, or juices will come out of the meat. Apply any sugar/honey marinades near the end to avoid burning.